Special Announcement, Y’all! 

     This fall, I’m reinventing and relaunching my radio show!  Entitled Raw N Real with Wyatt O’Brian Evans, it’s gonna be a truly fab-u-lous listening experience–ab-so-lute-ly off da chain and hook, with divine Fi-Yah and desire!  You’ll hear from titillating, tantalizing and provocative guests from all walks of life.

     In other words, it’s gonna be tight like…dat.  Y’all are gonna say, “Dang!  Dat was hawt!”  

     ALERT!  I’ve convinced Ms. Cuntish Cumshot, “Drag Queen Supreme,” to return and join me on the mic!  And Y’all know just how cray-cray she can be.

     So, to whet yo’ appetite, and to git you in the mood and in the groove, I’ll be presenting select episodes from Wyatt’s Man Cave (WMC), the previous iteration of my radio show.  Today’s special selection is my debut WMC installment: “Put the ‘FI-YAH’ Back into Your Relationship.” 

    Ahhhhhhhhh…thoroughly marinate yo’self in the experience and…enjoy!  Freakin’ YOWZA.

     Visit:  https://www.mixcloud.com/LesbeRealRadioTalk/put-the-fi-yah-back-into-your-relationship-wyatts-man-cave/