The Reviews Are Coming In…

“There are some stories that eat us alive internally as long as they remain untold.  Thank you, Wyatt, for telling a story that can be used to open overdue dialogues for healing our community.”–Bobby Smith (“Bits of BS”), Founder, Know No Oppressive Thinking (K.N.O.T.), Inc.,an Atlanta-based community organization.

“Once again, author Wyatt O’Brian Evans turns up the heat to 11 in his new novel, ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart–FRENZY!’  Following on from the events in his highly successful ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart–RAGE’, ‘FRENZY’ hits the floor running and does not let up!  Continuing the story of Wesley and ‘Tonio, ‘FRENZY’ is destined to be remembered as the story we have all been waiting for. Get ready to be worked up into a ‘FRENZY!’”–Colin Gunn, Editor, ALL BEAR Magazine.

“Mr. Wyatt O’Brian Evans confronts a plethora of important issues head on in ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!’ Great continued character development and command of storytelling, while describing physical and mental conditions that make this a worthy sequel to ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!’  Mr. Evans keeps the dialogue lively and the action moving along. This book has something to impress nearly all readers!”—Khalid El-Bey, Activist; ONYX Mid-Atlantic; Leatherman of Color 2016.

“’FRENZY!’ ,the latest installment in Mr. Wyatt O’Brian Evans ’‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart’ series, is sexy and bold!  Get ready for a front-row seat to rich and compelling drama–not to mention the twists and turns!  ‘FRENZY!’ is both an educational and rewarding experience!”—Carlton R. Smith, Executive Director/Founder, The Center for Black Equity-Baltimore; Founder,Baltimore Black Pride;Columnist, “Conversations With The Duchess.

’Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!’ is a heartfelt, wise and tender novel! ‘FRENZY!’ is immensely helpful to those facing domestic violence and mental illness.”—Nick Garnett, Internet Radio Personality, “Guys At Brunch.”

‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart – FRENZY!’, is a delectable read. The story deals with so many relevant current day issues of child abuse/violence, unresolved emotional traumas and the solid love in a relationship between two people.

“The gripping dialogue kept me spellbound in the explicitly-narrated scenes. It was hot, steamy, sexy and mesmerizing while dealing with the pains of childhood abuse and bullying. Unresolved issues will always creep its ugly head back into our adult lives as clearly illustrated by the character of Wesley/Walker.

Intimate Partner Violence and (IPV/A) is alive and well in all segments of society, and every human is affected in some way–either directly or indirectly. ‘FRENZY!’ deals with this communal issue in a raw yet provocative style. It grabs your attention and maintains it throughout the entire manuscript. Well- written, the story pulls you in like quicksand and never lets you get away. You are caught, hook line and sinker. Masterfully detailed and beautifully written. You get to know each character intimately: I felt like I was present as the story unfolded!  I was totally entwined in the happenings, literally living every word and unable to abandon the work until the end.

   “Wyatt, thank you so much for taking on the task of dealing with such an important topic, adding ‘real life’ to it, and also showing us the beauty of true LOVE between two people. My deepest admiration.”–Rev. Sandy Rodgers, Author, Educator, Minister and Radio Personality (“Life, Love, Wellness: The Sandy Rodgers Show”).

‘FRENZY!’ is a page-turning drama. It’s the story of the survival of true love through events that would end most love affairs. It’s the story of one man’s trials and tribulations of life’s unspeakable events and the man who stands by his side. It’s the story of his internal and external struggles to cope with life’s issues from domestic violence, child abuse to mental illness.

    “Though at times the author details the scenario a little too much that it loses the reader’s interest for a moment, he then pulls the reader back into the story by describing the characters’ actual actions that would make anyone think about what the character will do next to survive.

   “The author’s description of the various situations that the main character endures makes the reader truly feel their pain and anger which makes you fight for him to endure and live on.

   “All in all, this is a great book that leaves the reader wanting more. The story shows the power of true love. It shows the fact that true love conquers all. I recommend it to anyone that wants to read about the strength of having faith in surviving thru events that most of us could not imagine.”— R. L. Norman, Author,“Honey Let Me Tell You” book series.

“In the compelling and highly-satisfying ‘FRENZY!’, the latest installment in the ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart’ series, Wyatt O’Brian Evans gives the reader strong and relatable drama, even more nuanced character development, and twists and turns.  And, kudos to Mr. Evans for confronting critical societal issues. ‘FRENZY!’ certainly has universal appeal! –BRUHS, Book Reading Uplifts His Spirit.