Program this date into your “mental hard drive:” Saturday, May 29!

That’s when the brand new episode of WYATT!–my rapidly growing and compelling radio show–drops!  The podcast airs on both YouTube and Spotify.

This exceptional episode is the continuation of my special series, “Bedtime with Porn Guys.”  The “Man of the Hour” is Mr. Draven Navarro, who, after only being in the biz for a few scant years, is taking the Gay/SGL adult entertainment universe by storm!

And setting it on FIY-YAH!

What makes this “dee-licious-ly” masculine, muscled, and chiseled bodybuilder so in-demand is that he’s tantalizingly versatile—in more ways than one!  (LOL)  That versatility extends to him also performing in bisexual productions.

But there’s much more to Mr. Navarro than meets the eye!  You see, this porn actor has had a tough childhood and rather complicated adulthood.  He’s had to overcome rather daunting obstacles that very well might have crushed other individuals.

However, he made it through.

Draven unabashedly peels back the layers of his life—both the good and the bad!  And of course, he shoots the breeze about his adult entertainment career:  his first on-screen performance; how he prepares for filming; the ingredients of that perfect threesome—and sooooo much more!

This installment of WYATT! is no-holds-barred.  Raw, real, and riveting!

It’s WYATT! at its very best.

So Y’all: buckle up for some surprising, startling, and sensational talk!

And always ‘memba: WYATT! is “Eargasm For Tha Grown Folks!”