Valentines Day

13 02, 2016

The Top Qualities of LGBTQ Super- Couples

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     Tomorrow is “V-Day”—Valentine’s Day!      In recognition of this special day of L-U-V, I decided to answer the following question:  “Is there a particular recipe for nurturing and preserving a successful, lasting LGBTQ relationship?”         To find out, I consulted an expert:  certified personal love coach Brian Rzepczynski, columnist for The Gay Love Coach.  His answer?  “No.”  Then he explains, “One of the [...]

11 02, 2015

My V-Day Gift 2U

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Well, well, well! "The Big V," Valentine's Day, is upon us. But instead of giving you chocolates, hearts and flowers, I've decided to gift you with something more practical: some juicy and meaty food for thought to And here it is. According to gay life coach and matchmaker Paul Angelo, "‘Only 4% of gay men over 40 are in loving, committed, long-term [...]

14 02, 2014

My Special V-Day Gift for You

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Happy V-Day, Y’all! My newest HUFFINGTON POST article has been published!  Entitled, “My Special V-Day Gift For You,” it’s my practical contribution to this special day: the SEVEN factors responsible for the failure of gay relationships. Truly fascinating reading! Visit:    

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