Are you ready? Excellent! “RAGE!” has arrived.

RAGE! is the thrilling, provocative and mind-blowing next installment in the popular NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART series.

What would you do if the man of your dreams, your soul mate, battered you because he falsely believed that you’d been unfaithful?

Then, you’re hit with the revelation that a mysterious, vicious and deadly individual prompted your partner’s despicable actions!

Could you forgive this man to whom you’ve given each and every piece of your heart?

This dilemma is ONLY part of the story!

NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART–RAGE!. The edgy, provocatively smart, “hawt” novel by WYATT O’BRIAN EVANS.

Truly groundbreaking.

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Full of action, masculine romance, intrigue, rich drama, and twists and turns, “RAGE!” explores and addresses themes and issues which resonate with so many of us. Be you male, female, gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, or/and transgender, you can relate to Wesley and Antonio because these are two individuals fighting against the odds to preserve and nurture their profound and unique love and bond. “RAGE!” chronicles the evolution of these characters.

RAGE! is here! and It’s hawt!

And for more information about RAGE!, email:

How to Purchase

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  1. First Contact
  2. The Confrontation