Love can be so, so…well, over-rated.

As you know, I write a continuing series entitled, “Interview with an Escort.” The series is a raw and revealing portrait of “Jase,” an exclusive and highly in-demand NYC gay/SGL “Man of the Evening,” whom I first interviewed in March 2015.

Why have I decided to build a series around this individual? Three salient reasons: (1) arguably, the utilization of “specialized” services of escorts is a staple of gay and bisexual male culture; (2) this individual’s continuing saga has been one of the most popular articles on; (3) Jase is a fascinating brotha with charisma oozing outta his pores.

I’ll never share his website and contact information because this series is NOT about advertising or promoting his services. And, he fully understands and accepts that. Instead, it’s to give you, the reader, an illuminating bird’s-eye view of his world. One you just might step into one day. Holla!

In this installment, I’m bringing you up to date on what’s been going on in the sensual and salacious life of this primo “scort.” But first, let’s delve into the backstory of Jase, our MOC (Man of the Evening)!

The Why of it All.

Several years ago, a Huffington Post article entitled, “Sex for Tuition: Gay Male College Students Using ‘Sugar Daddies’ to Pay Off Loan Debt,” featured a New York University student who was desperately trying to manage his $50,000 tuition bill.

His solution? Midway through college, Kirk started turning tricks in order to pay the bill.

And even after graduation, the young man continued to escort. According to that Huffington Post article, “He has continued selling his wares on what he describes as ‘virtual street corners’—websites where young gay men seek out the companionship of wealthy older suitors.”

Jase’s story mirrors Kirk’s. He, too, got into the “bizness” to settle his college debts. And like Kirk, even after he earned his degree (in communications; rather apropos, don’tcha think?), the articulate, sophisticated and charming Jase continues to escort. He’s been at it for seven years now.

Uncommonly handsome, dominant and very self-assured, Jase (early ‘30s) exudes raw sexuality! And, let’s not even talk about the swagger.

At 6’2”, and now 240 pounds, this African-American is hugely and thickly muscled. He sports a military haircut, ‘stache and goatee. Being well-groomed is his hallmark.

Superbly masculine, this top man is very accessible. His dazzling white smile and smoldering eyes are disarming.

Although personable, Jase is all bizness! You don’t mess with him, you don’t cheat him.

And, you certainly don’t fuck with him…and him.

Cause, ya see, he’s ALL about dat money! Cha-ching, Cha-ching!

Talk to Me!

When we last met, Jase said that he’d secured a consulting gig. Although he still has it, he continues to escort. And, 2018 was quite profitable for MOE.

Right after the holidays, I had the opportunity to sit down with this imposing man. When he sauntered into the room, my jaw nearly hit the floor! He’d bulked up, but still retained his cuts, his definition. And there was that mesmerizing smile and hypnotic eyes! Lawd.


Here’s the interview:

WYATT: Jase, thanks for meeting with me again.

JASE: No prob, my man! You know I enjoy keepin’ your readers in the know.

WYATT: (I had to take a double-take. Actually, two.) Dang, my brotha! You’ve gotten freakin’ bigger!

JASE: (Grinning from ear to ear, flashing a naughty wink, and settling into the plush leather chair.) You like, huh?

WYATT: What’s not to like? (I quipped.) So, how’s bizness?

JASE: Great! 2018 was exceptional. Lots of escort work; meanwhile, I’m still holdin’ down the regular job.

WYATT: Do you ever think you’ll hang up your shingle?

JASE: (Flashing his very own version of the “The Rock’s” patented eye roll/scrunch.) You want an honest answer?

WYATT: Well, “honesty is the best policy,” my man.

JASE: At this point, hell no! Being financially fucked scares the hell outta me! The money from escorting is just too good to turn down. (Pause. Then, he points to his impeccable build.) And “lookit dis!” Guys should pay to sleep with me.

WYATT: As you know, lots of folks look down on what you do…actually, they vehemently disapprove of it! Jase, what do you say to those individuals?

JASE: (Shaking his head.) I don’t give a rat’s ass what they think! As I’ve stated before, I satisfy a need for companionship—and that interaction is not always sexual. And, it’s a transaction between two consenting adults. (Pause.) Clients seek me out; I don’t put a gun to their heads.

JASE: Lemme add that I’m not some cold, calculating bastard trying to roll over and get over on folk.

JASE: (Very matter-of-factly.) Man, everything in life is a transaction! A quid pro quo. (Pause.) Here’s an example. A wife wants her husband to agree to, say, a major purchase, and he doesn’t want to. She then withholds the sex! Eventually, he capitulates, gives in. As I said, everything in life is a transaction.

WYATT: I see. Do you ever have recreational sex? Do you ever make love to someone without dollars attached?

JASE: (Snuggling back in his chair.) Oh no, no, no! Listen: “Love can be so, so…well, over-rated.” And as I’ve said before, I’m a fuckin’ sexual connoisseur! Bottom line: being highly sexual, I fuckin’ crave sex–and with multiple partners. Variety is the name of my game.

JASE: I get off on being desired…and being in control sexually. Mos’ def.

WYATT: Jase, when last we talked, you stated that you were in an exclusive relationship—actually, I should say “arrangement”—with a wealthy German client. How’s that workin’ for ya?

JASE: Oh yeah, Helmut. (Pause.) But that’s been a wrap for more than a minnit. (To delineate and emphasize that point, he swipes his beefy hand across his thick neck, under his Adam’s apple.)

WYATT: I see. Who ended it?

JASE: (Doing his variation of the Rock’s eye scrunch.) Wyatt, U be “The Funny Man’! Me, of course!

JASE: (Continuing.) I have to say that when I was groovin’ with Helmut, it was an exclusive thang…I gave up my other clients. He was my sugar daddy– showering me with money, a new vehicle and credit cards in my name, etc., etc. (Pause.) And indulging in threesomes with him and his wealthy buds kinda quenched my thirst and scratched my itch for variety…if you catch my drift.

WYATT: Dang, and Yowza! (Pause.) Now Jase, inquiring minds wanna know: did Helmut’s buddies pay you for your…ahem, “po-ti-cu-lar” salacious services?

JASE: (Displaying a toothy grin.) Oh, hell yeah!

WYATT: And Helmut had no problem with any of that?

JASE: Well…it really wasn’t really his cup of tea, but he went with the flow.

JASE: (Now, getting a tad defensive.) Hey! He was well aware of what he was signing up for. (Yowling!) I’m an escort, for gawdsakes!

WYATT: (Lawd and Geesus, I’m cracking up!) Jase, clue me in: why did YOU call it quits?

JASE: Well…truth be told, I was fond of Helmut. He’s certainly easy on the eyes, and fuckin’ hawt in bed! As important, he had valuable business opportunities and life experiences that were beneficial. So, for a time, it was a win-win for both of us. And Lord knows he had a man on his arm who’s refined, well spoken, and sophisticated.

JASE: (Exhaling and then inhaling.) But after a while, Helmut began to get possessive…didn’t wanna share me…tryin’ to clock me…making more and more “suggestions” about how I should conduct my life. He started to think that he owned me! No way, Jose.

JASE: (Becoming animated.) You know, that fuckin’ rich Caucasian man’s entitlement shit! He tried to rewrite the script. My life is NOT a fuckin’ movie or TV show that the writer and executive producer creates and changes! I’m the ONLY one in control of my life. No one OWNS me.

JASE: (And then, with outstretched arms and full of bravado.) I mean… seriously? Look at me…just look at me!

WYATT: (At this juncture, I’m LMAO!!! Really.) Okay, okay! I’m lookin’, I’m lookin’…

WYATT: (Now, I’m shifting gears.) Jase, as a ‘scort, what’s the freakiest scene you’ve been in?

JASE: (Pondering, then flashing a broad, toothy grin.) Well, my brutha, “freaky” is relative. (Pause.) I can think of quite a few scenes; however, I’m gonna tease ya by mentioning one of the milder ones. When I write my memoirs, I’ll let it all hang out.

WYATT: Understandably.

JASE: Okay, okay. Once, I was the special “gift” for an interracial foursome–one black guy, three white dudes—for an entire night. It was freakin’ awesome!!!

WYATT: Dang, bro! Tell me a little mo’. (Pause.) Just keep in mind that I run a PG-kind of publication, here!

JASE: (Chuckling heartily.) Lawd man, you be “The Funny Man!” Anyway, here’s just one scenario: two white mouths swallowing my dick, one white mouth slobbering all over my hairy balls. Meanwhile, the brutha’s tongue ws diggin’ all up into my ‘cherryhole’!”

WYATT: Oh, myyyyyy….

WYATT: (Trying hard not to focus on that image!) Any other little “tidbits” you’d like to drop?

JASE: Nah. Buy my memoirs when they come out.

WYATT: True dat. Now tell us…what advice do you have for guys who wanna break into the escort biz?

JASE: First: be sure that it’s what you really wanna do. Second: stay away from drugs! Don’t accept any from clients. Third: be careful and be safe; be wary of law enforcement. Four: stay healthy! Five: save your benjamins, so you’ll be able to leave the bizness when you want.

WYATT: So, what’s next for you?

JASE: Well, since I luv me some monies, I’m gonna ride this gravy train for as long as I enjoy the ride! And for as long as it’s profitable.

JASE: (Howling again.) Yo! I’m coverin’ my black muscled ass in as many ways as I can? Ya feelin’ me?

WYATT: That I do! That I do.

(Suddenly, his phone buzzes.)

JASE: Ahhhh…a client! Gotta hit him back. Any thang else you need to know?

WYATT: Nope, that’s it. Jase, I appreciate your time and opening a window, if you will, for my readers. And as always, it’s been a pleasure!

JASE: Nah, it’s my pleasure, Wyatt.

WYATT: Thanks, my brotha.