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13 12, 2015

Give Those Holiday Blues a Swift Kick in the…

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     Are those Holiday Blues poised and ready to deliver a “Knock-Out Punch”--and put you down for the count?”     Well, don’t let that happen!  In my latest The W.O.E. Report, my exclusive column in the December edition of Baltimore Gay Life, I provide you with effective tools to vanquish those Holiday Blues! Here’s a link to the online version of the magazine.  My article [...]

9 09, 2015

Sex Behind Bars

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    Black men—vastly over represented within our prison system—constitute a large percentage of HIV-positive inmates.  And as a result, they pose an infection risk not only to other inmates—but to members of their communities once they’re released.     To learn more, read the latest The W.O.E. Report, my exclusive column in the September edition of Baltimore Gay Life.  Here’s a link to the online [...]

27 07, 2015

IPV/A Has Enrolled in College

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     As a journalist, I’ve made domestic violence and abuse within the LGBTQ community-- generally referred to as Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A)--my signature issue.  As well, I conduct IPV/A seminars and workshops across the country.  And, this deplorable and potentially life-threatening behavior is the dominant theme of my latest novel, Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!      Are you aware that a [...]

10 04, 2015

Nourishing Your Soul!

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     How would you like to change your way of thinking—which, in turn, leads to a change in your destiny—so that you can become the YOU that you’ve always wanted to become?       Well, I show you how to do just that!  It’s all in my latest The W.O.E. Report, my exclusive column in the April edition of Baltimore Gay Life.   [...]

10 03, 2015

Full and Total Disclosure?

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     To tell or not to tell!  That’s the thorny, nagging—and potentially life-altering decision an HIV-positive person must answer before having sex with someone.       I explore this daunting issue in the The W.O.E. Report, my exclusive column in the March issue of Baltimore Gay Life Magazine.       Here’s a link to the online version of the magazine.  My article is on [...]

1 11, 2014

I Love You To Death, Part Two

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     The second installment of my three-part series on Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A) has just been published in Baltimore Gay Life (BGL)!  Entitled “I Love You to Death,” it’s the topic of“The W.O.E. Report,” my exclusive, monthly column for BGL.       “I Love You to Death, Part Two” lays out the Complete Cycle of Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse.  [...]

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