25 11, 2014

To Reveal Or Not Reveal At Turkey Day!

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     We continue to make great strides in Gay/SGL (Same Gender Loving) acceptance.  There’s our increasing visibility in the entertainment realm.  More notables have come out--including film director/producer Lee Daniels, broadcaster Don Lemon, and sports figures Michael Sam and Derrick Gordon.  (And, it seems that the vast majority of Queen Latifah’s body has already “fallen outta the closet!”  Just kidding, but [...]

17 11, 2014

Sir Elton John Continues to Step Up to the Plate, Batting Home Runs

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     While conducting my usual round of research, I uncovered a rather timely article by Darryl Hannah for Inside Philanthropy entitled, “With HIV Infections Rising among Gay Men, This Funder Aims to Sound the Alarm.”  Hannah stated, “Here in the U.S., AIDS can feel like yesterday’s news, and many funders long ago moved on to other issues, including many LGBT funders [...]

23 11, 2013

They Don’t Wanna Cruise Your Type

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Greetings! First, let me say that I'm so proud and honored by the overwhelmingly positive response I have received regarding my novel, NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART--UNCENSORED! I'm truly blessed. One of the pivotal reasons I wrote the novel was to demonstrate that there are actually Black and Latino gay men out there who are in loving, monogamous relationships. Unfortunately, according to [...]

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