COVID-19.  The Pandemic. The Coronavirus. Or simply, ‘Rona. 

     Whatever you choose to call it, this societal scourge is wreaking havoc in so many innumerable ways.  According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), “The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic recession have negatively affected many people’s mental health and created new barriers for people already suffering from mental illness and substance use disorders.”  

     Late this summer, KFF conducted a tracking poll that found that 53% of  American adults reported that their mental health has been negatively impacted due to worry and stress over the coronavirus.  This is significantly higher than the 32% reported in March, the first time the question was included in KFF polling. 

     More findings from the KFF tracking poll:  “Many adults are also reporting specific negative impacts on their mental health and wellbeing, such as difficulty sleeping (36%) or eating (32%), increases in alcohol consumption or substance abuse (12%), and worsening chronic conditions (12%), due to worry and stress over the coronavirus.

     “As the pandemic wears on, ongoing, and necessary public health measures expose many people to experiencing situations linked to poor mental health outcomes, such as isolation and job loss.

     So, whatcha gonna do? 

     Being prone to depression, I’m a staunch advocate of effective psychological counseling.  It’s saved my life on a few occasions.  And sometimes, you have “to go through” a few licensed professionals to find the one who’s your right fit.  You just must be resourceful and dedicated to your search. 

     Trust me:  he or she is waiting for you.

     And Y’all, I fervently believe in food for the soul.   If you recall, I’ve written about it several times over the years.  And with the chaotic and uncertain times that we find ourselves in, it’s high time I do so again.

     Exactly what is food for the soul?   Well, it’s what I absorbed from Wishes Fulfilled, the wildly popular tome by Dr. Wayne Dyer, the acclaimed motivational speaker and international best-selling self-help author of more than 30 books.  

     Dr. Dyer, who passed away in 2015, stated, “Wishes Fulfilled is designed to take you on a voyage of discovery, wherein you can begin to tap into the amazing manifesting powers that you possess within you and create a life in which all that you imagine for yourself becomes a present fact.”

     The salient message of Wishes Fulfilled is this:  a change in feeling (and thinking) is a change in (your) destiny.”  And in an affecting and entertaining way, Dr. Dyer explains how to do just that.


Rocks along the beach


     I’ve been dutifully applying Wishes Fulfilled.   As a result, I’ve experienced a strikingly deep and fundamental shift and change in feeling—and thinking.  

     Now, make it your turn.

     First off, there are three basic principles of Wishes Fulfilled.  The first is: “If you want to accomplish something, you must EXPECT it from yourself.”  

     According to Dr. Dyer, this means retraining your subconscious mind to attract what you REALLY want.  For example, you must refrain from thinking and making statements like, “Po’ little me—others have done bad things to me!   I’ll never be at the bodyweight I want…” and all other types of rubbish.  In other words:  your feelings create your destiny.

     The second principle, “I AM,” builds on the first.  It has a beautiful simplicity but is profound.  Dr. Dyer states that you defile the name of God every time you think and utter, “I AM weak.  I AM not successful.  I AM incapable,” etc., etc.   

     Again, you must retrain your subconscious mind to attract what you want.  Instead say, “I AM strong!”  “I AM successful!”  “I AM capable!”  And mean it.  As a result, “I AM God” becomes your identity.

     The final principle—which has five components—is The Foundations.  The first is Imagination.  According to Dr. Dyer, this means that you must place in your imagination what you want to be–and then fervently believe it.

     The second foundation is Living from the End.  This means that you must staunchly BELIEVE that you already possess what you want to achieve, which is the end result. 

     The third is to Assume the Feeling of the Wish Fulfilled.   Simply put, you must actually feel what it is that you want—as if you already have it. 

     The fourth is Attention.  Dr. Dyers asks, “What kind of attention do you place on your desires?  How much effort are you actually expending to achieve your goals?”  He counsels, “Don’t complain, do NOT explain what you place into your imagination.  Don’t allow anyone to tell you what is possible or impossible for you.”  

     The fifth and last foundation is: Now, I Lay Me Down to Sleep.  Dr. Dyer states that this is “the most practical of the foundations.  The subconscious mind is most comfortable when you’re in your sleep state.  It is then when it is busy at work.  You’ll marinate in your subconscious mind for the next eight hours.

     “Most people use these last five minutes before sleep (focusing) on the negative; it’s their ‘worry time’.  Negative instructions and fears are being sealed in their subconscious.” 

     Therefore, you must REVERSE this process!  According to Dr. Dyer, the subliminal is listening to you ask the universe for the negative.  The subconscious mind is totally impersonal, open to suggestion, and cannot distinguish between reality and unreality. 

     Instead, in those last five minutes, speak the following: “I AM well!  I AM successful! I AM happy,” etc.   And in those last five minutes, review all that you have placed in your imagination.  Dr. Dyer emphasizes, “You must let go of your fears and others’ opinions.  You have to SEE the wish fulfilled that has not yet come to pass as if it is NOW with you.” 

     So, there you have it!  And remember:  A change in feeling (and thinking) is a change in (your) destiny.”