With his continuing lies, deceit, (attempted) obfuscation, and reckless and injurious strokes of the pen (executive actions) Trump continues to dismantle and defame this country—bit by bit, piece by piece.  He’s hard and assiduously at work violating the Emoluments Clause; enriching himself, his family and friends; shredding the safety net; and chipping away at the hard-fought gains that LGBTQ and minority individuals have made. 

      The latest wreckage:  with his “dedicated assistance,” those craven lizards and greedy crocodiles in the House has passed Repeal and Replace, which is really just a “hugely big” gift of a tax cut gift for the already wealthy.  Nearly 900 billion (not million!) from Medicaid—the medical lifeline for so many Americans—is earmarked to be slashed. 

     And transferred to the rich.

     LGBTQ and minority individuals are right to be acutely concerned about what could very well to happen to them during the next four years—and unfortunately, quite possibly the next eight.  And the way events are unfolding, thing’s ain’t lookin’ pretty.  And, you don’t have to “Captain Obvious” to know that The Orange One is trying to obliterate President Obama’s legacy because of his hatred for him.

     Since the inauguration, I’ve talked with many folks in our Community who repeatedly ask, “How are we gonna survive this maniac?”

     Well, lemme tell you the very first thing you must do in order to survive Trump.  You must look deep within yourself…and safeguard and nourish your soul!


     Sometime ago, a certain experience caused a profound shift in my thinking process.  You see, I had the good fortune of stumbling across Wishes Fulfilled, the PBS television special based on the wildly popular book of the same title.

     Dr. Wayne Dyer, motivational speaker and international best-selling author, penned Wishes Fulfilled.  The tome’s overarching message is:  “a change in feeling—and thinking—results in a change in destiny.”

    So in this column, I’m going to encapsulate Wishes Fulfilled so that perhaps you—like I did—can a form and maintain a mind set that will enable you to be  even more successful in the various areas of your life. 

     Ready?  Well then, let’s “rock and roll!”

     There are three basic tenets to Wishes Fulfilled.  Dr. Dyer states that the first is:  “If you want to accomplish something, you must expect it of yourself.”  That’s quite straightforward.

     According to the author/motivational speaker, the second tenet is:  “I AM.”  Every time you say things to yourself like, “I am weak…I am incapable…I am not successful,” you defile the name of God.  Therefore, you must retrain your subconscious mind to attract what you really want.

     The third tenet is composed of five parts, which Dr. Dyer names “The Foundations.”  Actually, after analysis, they’re pretty commonsensical.  They are as follows:

  • Imagination. According to Dr. Dyer, “You must place in your imagination what you want to be reality, and then fervently believe it.”
  • Living from the end. The popular author/motivational speaker says, “You must staunchly believe that you already possess what you want to achieve—which is the end result.”
  • Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. According to Dr. Dyer, “You must actually feel what it is that you want—as if you already have it.”
  • Attention. Dr. Dyer asks, “What kind of attention do you place on your desires? How much effort are you actually expending to achieve your goals?”  He explains, “Don’t complain, don’t explain what you place into your imagination.  Don’t allow anyone to tell you what is possible or impossible for you.”
  • Now I lay me down to sleep. Dr. Dyer states that it is when we sleep that the subconscious mind is busy at work, when negative instructions are being sealed into your subconscious.  He elaborates, “During the last five minutes, you’ll marinate in your subconscious mind for the next eight hours.  Most people use the last five minutes before sleep on the negative; it’s our ‘worry time’.”  He emphasizes, therefore, that you must reverse the process.  “So, in those last five moments before drifting off to sleep, you should say to yourself:  ‘I am successful!  I am capable! I am a winner’!”  Dr. Dyer advises to let go of your senses, others’ opinions of you, your fears, etc.

     The bottom line?  You have to SEE your Wishes Fulfilled –that which has not yet come to pass as if it is NOW with you.

      And always remember:  a change in feeling—and thinking—results in a change in destiny.