Here’s what some of the Media are sayin’:

Wyatt O’Brian Evans’ new book, “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart-Rage!” is exciting, stimulating, and full of surprises. From the beginning to the end, I was in awe. Wyatt’s writing style is very pictorial, which makes “Rage!” an astonishing read. If you enjoy stories about romance, drama, and personal development, this book will amaze you! I am looking forward to reading his next installment.~ Angelique P. Allen, The Angelique Allen SHow

This is one of those books you can read and though the main characters are two men, you can see it fitting any situation where love is at the heart of the matter. Wes and Antonio are two men who seem to have everything they could possibly want professionally, but when it comes to love, there are some things that seem to be working against them.

These characters are sharing their lives with readers and know what it’s like to get things wrong in the relationship department. Will they be able to see a good thing when it is staring them in the face? That is what readers will see as Wyatt O’Brian Evans shares his characters with the world.

I enjoyed this book mainly because it speaks to all of us in different ways. By choosing to write the book in first-person, Evans allows us to feel what the character Wes feels and approach situations based on what he has experienced. This proves helpful when it comes to addressing issues of manhood, what we choose to allow in our lives, and most importantly, how we can show we love ourselves by the way we allow ourselves to love others. ~ Cyrus Webb, Conversations Book Club

Deeply engaging and keeping your attention from the first chapter, this installment of NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART definitely gets to the heart of what it means to find true love.

“NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART–RAGE! is a must read for anyone who loves a good steamy, seductive novel that’s full of twists and turns! You seriously won’t be able to guess what happens next.  Mr. Evans has created a rich world filled with some of the sexiest characters that love getting down and dirty (under the sheets and out in the streets).  If you loved UNCENSORED, grab a glass of wine and get ready for the bumpy ride!”
—Jeffrey Arauz, CEO, 

“Once again, Wyatt O’Brian Evans combines hard-hitting realism with sexual lust in “RAGE!,” the new installment in his best-selling NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART” series!  RAGE! will have you turning page after page–and leave you wanting more!”
—Colin Gunn, Editor, ALL BEAR Magazine. 

“Wyatt O’Brian Evans’ new book, NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART–RAGE! is a worthwhile foray into the next chapter of Wes and ‘Tonio–the hot couple from his previous novel “UNCENSORED.”   Evans’ delving into serious issues including racism, domestic violence and mental health, balanced with humor and HOT sex, makes RAGE! a real page turner!”
–Dan Estabrook,

Now, here’s what some of the Reading Universe is sayin’ about RAGE!:

Wow, for years I wrote reviews of new albums, but never a book review. It was tough to do! I didn’t want to give any of the story away. Anyways, here is what I just put on amazon for a review of “Rage”.

“I came across Wyatt O’ Brian Evans through a mutual friend on Facebook. After checking out Wyatt’s web site and reading about “Rage” I knew I had to get this book. Boy, am I glad I did.”

Rage is one of the most original books I’ve read in quite some time. Wyatt is an amazing story teller and has created a storyline that leaves you wanting more. Immediately after you start reading the book you become completely engrossed with the two main characters, ‘Tonio and Wesley.

Wyatt writes about some serious issues that are often swept under the rug in today’s society. He does it in a way that educates you, but also entertains you.

The story will have you experience a range of emotions from being aroused to all out heartbreak.

If you’re looking for a fresh new voice in the literary world who will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole story, this is the book for you.

What’s stopping you :), experience “Rage” today!

—Jonathan Towslee, Boston, Massachusetts

  “Mr. Evans is a master story teller, and gives such vivid characterizations!  It’s like you’re a ‘fly on the wall’…like you’re sitting right there with the characters, in the middle of it all!”
—Julio Hernandez, Washington, D.C.

“Wyatt O’Brian Evans has performed an invaluable service for the African-American and Latino LGBT communities.  What Mr. Evans has done is paint positive, realistic portraits of two capable, upwardly mobile men of color who openly celebrate being SGL (same gender loving).  With such a lack of SGL men of color in the media, the Nothing Can Tear Us Apart series is a sweet, fresh breath of air that is sorely needed!”
—Kenneth Mason Kennedy III, Richmond, Virginia

“RAGE! starts off with a bang, and ends with an atomic blast!  RAGE!is awesome!!!”
—Raheem Yoba, NYC.

“The last three chapters of RAGE! will absolutely blow your mind!  I was totally unprepared for and not expecting the twists and turns, and the ending.  It’s one helluva set-up for the sequel.” —Tyrone Taylor, Chicago.

“Being a Latino in a monogamous relationship with a Black guy, Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!  was a real treat!  Solid, tough writing, with some of the hottest sex scenes I’ve ever read!”
—Julio Alvarado, Miami.

“While I thoroughly enjoyed UNCENSORED, I’m in awe of RAGE!  It’s an even better product.”—Oscar Martinez, Austin, Texas.

“I’ll make it simple. RAGE! is so, so HOT—on so many levels!” —Nelson Reynolds, Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Mr. Wyatt O’Brian Evans has weaved a truly affecting, riveting story that captures your attention from the very beginning!  RAGE! draws you right in, grabs a hold of you in a hammer lock, and doesn’t let you go until quite some time AFTER you’ve finished reading it!  Kudos to Mr. Evans on creating a compelling work.”
—Damien Anthony Stafford, Los Angeles. 

“A gay friend of mine said to me that I just HAD to read RAGE! But I wasn’t too sure. But I’m really glad I did! Mind you, the sex parts about two guys were racy, but the great story was what really mattered! The two guys (Wes, ‘Tonio) deal with issues that anybody, gay or straight, has to deal with. This book definitely has universal appeal!”

–Janelle Jackson, Washington, D.C.


“A buddy turned me on to RAGE! Initially, I just wanted to read it for the sex. Then, I discovered that it has a helluva story that resonates! Mr. Evans has crafted a truly exceptional work.”
–Eric Porter, Raleigh, North Carolina.  

“I’m a white guy, and found it refreshing to read about compelling, strong, accomplished characters who happen to be men of color. You don’t come across that often. And them being flawed added to the appeal. Way to go, Wyatt O’Brian Evans!”
–Chase Jeffries, Atlanta, Georgia.

“I, too, was in an abusive relationship. I could relate to RAGE!, and it paints a very complicated portrait of intimate partner violence and abuse– with its different colors and shades. I highly recommend RAGE!”
—Fernando Navarro, Dallas, Texas.

“Mr. Evans is quite the gifted writer! I was hooked from the very start! The intriguing characters and plot are well-developed. And as a Caucasian male, I enjoyed reading about two men of color!”
—Spencer Collins, San Francisco, CA. 

“I have lots of gay guy friends, and one turned me on to Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE! To be honest, I was surprised that the storyline was so compelling! It gave me more insight into gay relationships.”
—Patrice Payne, Washington, D.C.

“All I’m gonna say is that RAGE! is CALIENTE!!!”—Nico Diaz, Tampa, Florida.

“What I like most about Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE! is that its male-to-male romantic love trumps the sexual lust; although mind you, the sex is freakin’ hot!”—Horatio Holmes, Los Vegas, Nevada.

“RAGE! kicks butt! The reader doesn’t know where the story will ultimately end up….and the last few chapters are shocking, to say the least!”—Benjamin Bailey, Los Angeles, CA.

“What a riveting, powerful work of fiction! RAGE! keeps you off balance, on the edge of your seat! I was sorry when it ended. Oh well, there’s always the sequel…”—Miguel Rivera, the Bronx, NY.

“With Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!, Wyatt O’Brian Evans takes you on a wickedly exciting roller coaster ride! He sets the stage for the sequel, which I breathlessly await! — Anthony Michael Moore, Columbia, South Carolina.

“I’m a fan of Wyatt O’Brian Evans—both the author and the journalist! I must admit that although I thoroughly enjoyed UNCENSORED, I strongly believe that RAGE! is an improvement on so many levels! Mr. Evans peels back Wes and ‘Tonio like onions, allowing the reader to fully and intimately understand what motivates them. Bravo, WOE!—Marcus Dennison, Atlanta, GA.

“Mr. Evans has done it again! Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE! turns up the heat where Uncensored left off! When RAGE! ended, I was NOT a happy camper!”
–Franklin Jackson, Camp Springs, Maryland.

“A buddy turned me onto RAGE!, and I was sooooooooo glad he did! Evans’s strong suit is characterization, and he presented a colorful, realistic portrayal of a couple in crisis. Kudos, WOE!”
–Eli Morgan, Berkeley, California.

“Wow. RAGE! takes the reader on one amazing ride, full of twists and turns! And the last few chapters make you go… DAMN!!!”
–Oscar Cabrera, Omaha, Nebraska.

“What I liked most about Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE! was that I could relate so well to Wes and ‘Tonio because they came across as so three-dimensional!”
—Ian Winston, Montpelier, Vermont.

“For me, “RAGE! hit close to home because I’ve experienced intimate partner violence and abuse in my relationship. Thankfully however, my partner and I had a happy ending because through therapy, we exorcised the demons! I commend Mr. Evans for tacking this issue and giving it awareness, without being preachy.”
–Reynaldo Morales, Montgomery, Alabama.

“With RAGE!, WOE very effectively constructs a theme that resonates with anyone: working to keep a monogamous relationship together despite the struggles! And, he does a damn good job doing that!”
–Benjamin Branch, Wilmington, Delaware.

“Whoa! Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE! is like jumping outta an airplane—without a ‘chute! A truly thrilling read!”
–Daniel L. Tom, Alexandria, VA.

“When reading RAGE!, it’s like you’re sitting right next to Wes & ‘Tonio, and the rest of the characters! Mr. Evans has a particular talent for realistic, vivid portrayals.”
–Mark Matthews, Detroit, Michigan.

“Mate, Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE! is engaging, absorbing, and sexually-charged! It took ahold of me right from the very start!”
–Logan Richards, London, England.

“At first, I thought Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE! would be just about S-E-X. How wrong I was! RAGE! is really about the challenges of keeping a monogamous romantic relationship together–which is universal! Both men and women—no matter what their sexual orientation—can relate to that.”
—T. R. Rogers, Philadelphia, PA.

“My cousin introduced me to RAGE! Very believable storyline, which totally keeps your interest. And be warned, which is a good thing: material sexualmente explicito!!!
–Alejandro Moreno, San Juan, Puerto Rico.