Arguably, Wyatt O’Brian Evans is the quintessential Renaissance man: Journalist; Author; Radio Personality; Voice-over (V/O) Instructor and Talent; Intimate Partner Violence & Abuse (IPV/A) Subject Matter Expert (SME), Advocate, and Speaker. And now, Mr. Evans has just launched his brand new radio program, WYATT!

WYATT! is cutting-edge, insightful, probing, and oh-so entertaining radio! This new internet radio show spotlights, explores, and dissects relevant, timely, and critical issues that impact gay/SGL (Same-gender-loving) gentlemen—with a focus on MOCA BLAC (Men of a Certain Age, 40 and over, who just happen to be Black, Blatino, Latino, Asian and Caribbean). Of course, WYATT! resonates with the entire LGBTQ Community.

Noteworthy and accomplished guests from all walks of life weigh in: authors, relationship and wellness experts, comedians, activists, media personalities, politicians, musicians…even adult performers! Truly fascinating and eclectic individuals, sharing their intimate stories and expressing their unique voices.

The WYATT! Podcast is uncut and uncensored. And guess what? I have a rather “dee-li-cious” sidekick who drops by from time to time: Madam Pussygalore Cockadoodledoo! This “Drag Queen Supreme” gives us her take on “thangs,” and injects biting humor into the mix.

WYATT! Is one helluva thrill ride into the unexpected! And, it’s EARGASM for the Grown Folks! Trust and Believe.

The WYATT! Podcast

Latest Episodes At The Top:

(This episode contains some sexual content.)

(This episode contains some sexual content.)